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Fusion Board Positions

The Fusion Soccer Club is operated by a Board of Directors (BOD). Most board members have specific duties, and they act as both representatives and managers for their particular area. The board typically meets once a month (presently that meeting occurs on the 3rd Sunday at 6:00PM in the Grafton High School library). Meetings last from 60 to 90 minutes.  Board members usually also have some work to perform outside of the meetings to carry out their particular function. Please see our policy documents for more information about the responsibilities of board members and conflict of interest.

All board positions satisfy your volunteer requirement for the year.

To be on the BOD you will need to file a request with the Club Secretary.  The BOD will review requests at each meeting, and you will be notified of the outcome - this is largely a formality, since we are always looking for new board members, but it allows us to manage the process. We ask that you commit to a 1 year term.

Here is a partial list of board positions we are looking to fill (if you have an idea for something that is not on the list, or just want to participate - we'll find something for you to do! - just send us an e-mail):

  • Communications Director.  Will help manage external communications to raise the public profile of the club, such as news articles, press releases, etc. (will work with Marketing Coordinator on this).  Will help with internal communications (work with Club Administrator on this).  Responsible for the quarterly newsletter.
  • Capital improvements fundraising coordinator.  Will work with the Fundraising coordinator, but will focus on raising money for capital improvements.
  • Website manager.  Need to have some skills with web sites, content management systems, etc.
  • Facilities Director.  Will help coordinate field maintenance, field lining (all venues), site management (Dhaliwal and Zaun only). Will work with Volunteer Coordinator for access to volunteers for the various tasks.

Club Secretary