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Fusion Store

The Fusion Store is your source for Fusion items! At the moment you can only window shop in our store - make a note of what you want and the size and send the information to our Club Administrator in an e-mail. You will get a reply with the amount due and instructions for payment/pick-up. Please contact our Club Administrator with any questions. Depending on order volume we will add online ordering (there are some fixed monthly costs that require a certain total sales for it to make sense) - stay tuned!

Fusion T-Shirt

Our standard issue t-shirt with the Fusion logo on the front.  Available in blue, white, or red.

Bumper Stickers

Stick 'em on your car, your bike, your forehead - wherever!  They're free while supplies last (call first to make sure we have some - if we run out we'll order some more, but you might catch us between those two points...).

Fusion Hoodie

Granted, lame picture (we were fresh out of models) - but a great sweatshirt!  Perfect for those cool spring/autumn days at the game.  Navy only.